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Entrerrios Automatizacion arises as a Instalaciones Electricas Entrerrios evolution founded in 1986, which has become in recent years an important company in the world of industrial facilities (electricity, automation, fluid installations, industrial mechanical,...), getting prove its value after carrying out significant works for important companies such as General Motors, Seat, Volkswagen group, CAF (Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles, S.A.),Johnson Controls, BSH, Delphi (Lear Corporation), Vicasa (Saint - Gobain Vicasa S.A.), FMC Foret, CAF, Saica, Leciñena, GDF Suez..., Entrerrios Automatizacion is working with them since 1986.

Entrerrios Automatizacion gives their clients quality, guarantee and rapidity.

To earn the trust of our customers, we have provided a comprehensive and flexible organization able to offer a personalized service  developed to suit in each need. Taking advantage of our potential for the benefit of an optimal management for both of small and large projects.